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Carry-In Computer Repair Pricing

All computer repair services below are flat-rate prices for carry-in customers with Microsoft Windows® enabled devices.
NOTE: We do not repair MAC/Apple computers


The prices listed below are for labor only. If we are unable to complete your computer repair with labor alone due to PC hardware failure, the parts and installation costs are billed in addition to the labor costs below. Or, if the repairs are declined, a bench fee will apply instead for the time we spent diagnosing the problem. We will ALWAYS call you with a final estimate before performing any additional computer repairs to ensure you know what your total costs will be. We will never surprise you upon delivery with an unexpected increase in your repair bill.

Bench Fee – $35 (diagnostics fee)

If the problem with your computer isn’t evident, or the symptoms could be caused by several different things, then we will need to troubleshoot the issue before we can repair it. Should the repairs cost more than the computer is worth, and the repairs are declined, a standard Bench Fee of $35.00 will apply for the time spent diagnosing the problem. If you decide to repair the computer, the bench fee will be dropped.

System Restore / Factory Reset – $149

This service is the “Ultimate Tune-Up” and we don’t cut corners:

  • First, we backup all your personal files (pictures, music, documents, etc.)
  • Next, we delete all files on your C: drive to ensure undetectable viruses & malware are gone
  • Next, we reinstall Windows® to factory fresh when it was new!
  • Next, we remove Adobe Reader, Flash and Java then reinstall them with newest versions to strengthen security
  • Next, we will reinstall Microsoft Office and your printer driver (if applicable)
  • Next, we install ALL Microsoft Updates (200+ in Windows 7)
  • Next, we will install Anti-Virus (if sold by us)
  • Finally, we restore your personal files (step 1)

Why? Do I Really Need All This?

This is definitely the best possible solution to fix all kinds of problems with your slow computer. Over time, your computer’s registry (which works like an index file at a library) can become corrupted or partially broken from modifications made by various software installs you have performed. The Registry acts like a road map telling programs where to locate other vital system resources, and when it isn’t working right your computer runs slowly. There are lots of software vendors who “claim” to be able to fix these Registry problems, but more often than not they cause additional and worse problems.

Then, you have more potential trouble hiding in the temp folders, AppData folder, and browser plugins/cache as well. Here, tracking malware slows your computer by “phoning home” to report your browsing history and product interests online to data mining pirates. You can save yourself some frustration by hiring us to backup your data (10GB included – $1 per additional GB), then reset your computer as outlined above so no pictures, music, movies or documents will be lost when restoring your computer speed, privacy and stability again!

This is a time-consuming process that can take from 8 to 12 hours for us to complete – Please allow 2 to 3 business days from drop-off time

Malware & Virus Removal – $89

This can happen to the best of us. Since viruses and malware are different in nature but equally annoying, the time it takes to remove them can vary greatly. We flat-rate this repair service because when done at our location we can multi-task on other repairs while we wait on virus scans to complete. Sometimes manual editing of operating system files is needed to regain control. In extreme instances like these we highly recommend using the “Factory Reset” option above instead. Modern viruses will often replicate themselves to many folders under many names, or download and install hundreds more viruses in the background before you notice you have a problem. We do our very best to ensure your system is clean, but certain viruses can run independently from the operating system making them nearly impossible to detect. Because of this, we cannot guarantee this service will remove every virus you have.

The ONLY way to be sure all viruses are gone is to delete every file on your hard drive and start over from scratch. Anyone who tells you differently is misinformed.

Desktop Hardware Repair / Replacement Starting @ $35

Sometimes you just need to upgrade, not buy a whole new computer. Perhaps a new video game is complaining the your video card doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, or by a stroke of bad luck an electrical storm has damaged your modem or network card and now it needs replaced. Anytime we open your computer case to install hardware (desktop computers) we always give the inside of the case and components a good cleaning. The cost of the parts will vary by part type and feature set, but the labor is the same. Here are a few “rough estimate” examples for desktop part replacement:

  • Hard Drive $99 + tax + $35 Labor
  • Video Card $50 + tax + $35 Labor
  • WiFi (internal) $45 + tax + $35 Labor
  • Power Supply $49 + tax + $45 Labor

Laptop Hardware Repairs

Due to the extremely compact design of modern Laptops and Netbooks, the amount of time it takes to tear down these computers is increasing every year. Some upgrades like memory, hard drives, and WiFi cards can be replaced or upgraded at the same cost as a desktop computer. However, we get a lot of phone calls asking about replacing broken screens or broken AC power port headers damaged by people tripping over the power cord or dropping the laptop. Those repairs involve either a complete disassembly, or major tear down of the whole laptop to replace those parts and can easily run from 4 to 8 hrs of labor. This usually exceeds the value of the laptop. However, in most cases we can recover your old data from the broken laptop and move it to your new one. Call us at (330) 332-7984 for an estimate.

Recover Lost Data or Move Data to New Computer – Starting @ $77

From time-to-time a customer will come in with a dead laptop or desktop computer that has years worth of pictures, music and documents stored somewhere inside it. We have an excellent success rate when we recover data from your old computer system. This includes removing the old hard drive, recovering the lost data, then moving it to another drive (up to 20GB). This rate applies only to home-user data recovery and additional 10GB chunks cost $20 each. Once we have access to your data, we will copy it to a thumb drive or even to another computer.

Business Data Recovery rates depend on the number of drives involved, whether or not RAID was used, and the total amount of data to recover in Gigabytes. Each instance is different so just call us for an estimate on time and cost @ 330-332-7984.

Install & Configure WORKING Anti-Virus / Firewall Software – $99

It can be very confusing to install any Anti-Virus program. You are often presented with many complicated questions to answer that leave customers wondering if they have installed the software properly. If you’re using a “Free Anti-Virus” solution like AVG, you are surfing the web with a false sense of security. Ask yourself; “How can a company offer both a FREE and PAID version of Anti-Virus software if they both protect me equally well?” How can you know which viruses and malware you will need protection from? It’s simple. You need to be protected from ALL viruses, and you need a solution that always scores well in tests against their main competitors. Our Anti-Virus solution routinely finds hundreds of viruses missed by AVG. How does your Anti-Virus stack up against the competition?

The price above includes licensing for 3 computers for 1 year, and installation labor for 1 computer. Call us for more details @ (330) 332-7984

Printer Setup / Configuration – $49

Printers can be stubborn. Don’t let them stress you out! We can take all the frustration out of getting you printing again. Today’s modern printers can come bundled with lots of fancy features that when not installed properly can cause them to be detected as other devices like digital cameras. When this happens, it can be difficult to get the computer to reexamine the device and detect it properly as a printer. If you are close to Salem, we can come to you for an additional fee that varies depending on distance and travel time. Just call us for an estimate @ 330-332-7984.

Setup WiFi or Home Network Router – $99

Bad electrical storms always signal a surge in network card replacement calls! If your seeing lighting and getting heavy thunder rolls, shut your computer down and unplug your power and network cables. Doing only one or the other will leave you exposed to storm damage. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be repaired fairly quickly and we usually have those parts in stock. DO you have Armstrong or Time Warner Cable for your internet? If so, you probably pay them RENT every month for your cable modem. Let us help you move in to your own modem and save $4-$6 per month on your internet bill.

If you are close to the Salem Ohio area, we can come to you for an additional fee that varies depending on distance and travel time. Just call us for a computer repair estimate @ 330-332-7984.