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The information provided here is primarily a document that outlines how you ended up needing a system restore Windows 10. It is for clients who may lack the technical ability to do a restore, and are seeking answers about how they can save their data. It really depends on a correct diagnosis of how Windows crashed. And, that’s easier said than done. There are probably 100+ common reasons, and many more uncommon reasons that Windows might crash.

The tools used to troubleshoot are expensive, and take a while to get good at using. Although few people want to spend money to get rid of malware and viruses, it’s inevitable. The question is “How much do you end up spending”? Using our remote control software to give our techs access to your computer without even needing to unplug it, is by FAR the cheapest option. Time is money and remotely repairing or performing a system restore Windows 10 saves everyone a lot of both.

Undetectable Malware Causes Computers to Run Slow – Restore Windows 10

It never ceases to amaze me that so many intelligent & talented people use their skills to make other people’s lives miserable. There are many reasons to infect a computer with malware or viruses leaving you in need of a system restore of Windows 10. The number one reason would be to make money from all the things we buy online each day. Here’s how:

A primary way to achieve this is by installing software code in the form of malware on your computer. That code intercepts the HTML code of each webpage you visit. Next, the code scans the page to find any product ID’s of your potential purchase. It then inserts the hackers affiliate ID in place of the real website owners ID. This code is swapped-out in the HTML code in real-time as it downloads to your computer, effectively stealing the commissions from the website owner. Because, when you purchase the item, the hacker gets the commission they didn’t earn for making a sale.

Now, imagine that the hacker has this code on 1,000,000+ computers! If only $1.00 is made from each stolen sale commission on a million computers per month, you can see how this could become very lucrative. This is why their code is so hard-to-find, and usually a full system restore of Windows 10 is required to completely get rid of it. However, its become normal to discover the system restore functionality of Windows 10 has been removed or completely disabled by the hacker to keep the malware running (and making money) as long as possible.

Reduce Computer Errors With Computer Cleanup

Most people need professional tech support/computer repair in Danville IN to clean this out! Call for system restore near me @ (855) 445-8096

Another reason you may need to do a full system restore of Windows 10, is when you get a virus designed to create what’s called a “botnet”. With this type of virus on Windows 10, its main purpose is to help a hacker infect other computers by using your computer to relay the virus code to other victims. This keeps the hacker hidden because they’re using your computer and internet connection. In doing so, they make it much harder for authorities to trace these activities back to them. However, hackers also know that the first thing you’ll try to do is a system restore of Windows 10. To stop you, they’ll usually disable the program used to start a restore Windows 10 by renaming it to something else. Doing so effectively disables the restore program because your computer thinks it no longer exists or is corrupt.

As you can see, doing a system restore of Windows 10 in Danville, Indiana becomes very complex in just a few examples. To further complicate matters, Microsoft® has partially disabled the system restore functionality in computers that were upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for free. Usually, this means disabling access to the system restore partition that came from the factory with Windows 7 or Windows 8 when your computer was new. A few years ago, Microsoft offered everyone a “free upgrade” to Windows 10, and in exchange they reserved the right to disable your factory restore partition. It was in the fine print of the end user agreement you had to agree to so that you could proceed with installing Windows 10.

In just three examples, you can see why in most cases you need professional help to do a system restore of Windows 10. Luckily, we have you covered at very reasonable prices. You can call us for an estimate at (855) 445-8096, and we’ll help you with a system restore of Windows 10 from beginning to end.

Failing Computer Hardware Behaves Just Like Malware & Viruses – Get Help Today With Computer Repair in Danville IN

Before we do that though, you should be aware that you’ve possibly mis-diagnosed your problem. In fact, you may not have gotten your computer infected or downloaded malicious software at all. Many customers incorrectly diagnose the source of their problem, but still need a system restore of Windows 10. You could have a bad memory stick (also known as RAM). When this fails it can make your computer act like it has a virus when it doesn’t. Also, if your computer is more than 2 years old, you may also be experiencing hard drive failure. When your hard drive is failing, your computer will also act just like it has a virus, complete with a mind of its own. When this happens, it can run very slow and take forever for programs to launch or folders to open.

Do you have a Dell or HP computer? You can visit their support websites to get instructions on how to run Hardware Diagnostics. This will help you determine whether or not your problems are related to hardware failure before calling us at (855) 445-8096 to remove a virus or malware.

Our computer repair services are available 24/7 Nationwide for remote assistance help. In most cases we can get remote control of your computer to assist in running diagnostics to uncover the source of your problem. We only hire computer technicians skilled at resolving these types of problems and can save you hours and hours of stressful troubleshooting and headaches. Please feel free to give us a call at (855) 445-8096 if you would like our tech support to help you.

Clean Up Computer

Do you live in the 46122 area of Hendricks County and need help with cleaning up your computer?

This can be a time-consuming process, and if your computer is running slowly that can add to the time it takes. However, our system restore technicians should be able to get to the root of your problem relatively quickly. Usually, they can identify the infected files that are slowing your computer down, and disable them. In doing this they speed your PC back up so they can finish the final steps of cleaning up your computer.

If you’re interested in having us handle the cleanup of your computer, we can use our remote desktop software, but it can be cheaper to perform the computer cleanup in one of our offices near you. We have multiple locations in all 48 states, and probably have one within 20 or 30 miles of your home (or less).

Cleaning up a slow computer online can be a lengthy process for the technician depending on your computer and internet speed. Computer cleanups are significantly faster when performed in our offices. No internet connection is needed, and we can work on several computers at once. Consider the cost savings per hour. If you think you really need a full computer cleanup, or a system restore Windows 10, we recommend coming in to one of our local offices. Just call us anytime 24/7 for an estimate toll free: (855) 445-8096.

Replace hard drive or hard drive repair in Danville IN.

Obviously, this repair we cannot do over the phone. Also, the data recovery of your hard drive is much easier (and faster) with the right software and tools. Replacing or repairing hard drives can also be time-consuming depending on the amount of data you have. It also matters greatly whether it’s a laptop or desktop. Another cost of affecting detail is whether your hard drive can be “read from” if it’s failing. Sometimes even our data recovery software will try for hours to recover one picture or MP3 file. You must decide if the data you want to recover is worth the cost of saving it. We can skip over files or entire directories to save time if the customer “Okays it”.

Replacing hard drives or repairing hard drives is different in each case we handle. We can give you the price on just the replacement hard drive for your computer, but even that will vary depending on the size and brand. Call our office with the specifics of model and brand you need for your computer, and we will be able to give you accurate pricing.

Reset Computer With Windows 10

How to reset a computer with Windows 10?

This is a tricky subject since over half the computers that have Windows 10 got a free upgrade from Windows 7. If that is your case, you will not be able to reset your computer to Windows 10 automatically. The reason is that you no longer have access to any of the computer restore files on your hard drive needed to perform a reset of Windows 10. As I mentioned earlier, your computer’s restore partition was deleted, or access to your restore partition was removed with the upgrade to Windows 10. You’ll need to buy a Windows 10 install CD in order to perform a computer reset of Windows 10. Another option is to bring your computer to one of our local offices and reset Windows 10 with one of our install CD’s.

It’s our belief that Microsoft® did this by design so that we couldn’t easily perform a reset Windows 10. Instead, they would very much like it if we all went out and bought new computers. However, our computer technicians are very experienced at resetting Windows 10. We’ll do it cheaper than buying a new computer, thereby saving you money. Give us a call at (855) 445-8096 so we can inform you of the nearest computer repair shop where we may perform the reset of Windows 10 you need.

How to reset a computer to factory settings?

For example, you can reset a computer to factory setting if your computer was purchased new with Windows 10 by turning the computer completely off. When you turn it back on, keep hitting the “F8” or “F12” button until you get the “Advanced startup options” screen seen at the top of this page. One of the tiles will be an option to reset your computer to factory settings. After clicking that tile you will be given the choice of whether or not to save any personal files you have on your hard drive, or to do a fresh reset of your computer to factory new settings. Choosing to keep your personal files would include your pictures, music, documents, etc. It will also include your printer settings if you have installed print drivers for your particular printer.

In conclusion, if you choose the option to perform a fresh factory reset of your computer, your printer files and any personal files will be deleted.

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