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Can’t Afford Full-Time I.T. Help? Outsource It!
Free Setup. No Contract. Cancel Anytime

All business support subscriptions include [up to] 1 hour FREE initial consultation & remote assistance setup time


The subscription support offering is our flagship product. Clients who choose this support option can use the retainer hours they buy for remote or on-site computer repair, domain network administration, marketing, website updates and technology consulting. These clients can get help with nearly any technical problem they face with one phone call.

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$7500/per hour
No Subscription
  • Local On-Site Support
  • Expedited Remote Support
  • Server Support / Repair
  • Desktop Support / Repair
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Backup & Restore Help
  • Printer Setup & Support
  • Website Consulting & Design
  • Company Email Setup
  • Spam Filtering & Control
  • Complete Windows® System Administration
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Tier 1 Support

Cancel Anytime
  • 5 Retainer hours @ $70/hr
  • Buy More Time @ same rate
  • Remote Support for Anyone
  • Onsite Support near Salem OH
  • Emergencies & After Hours
  • Working Ant-Virus Available
    ($5/month per computer)
  • Bulk Time Discount of $5/hr
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Tier 3 Support

Cancel Anytime
  • 25 Retainer hours @ $60/hr
  • Buy More Time @ same rate
  • Remote Support for Anyone
  • Onsite Support near Salem OH
  • Emergencies & After Hours
  • Working Ant-Virus Included
    (up to 10 licenses)
  • Bulk Time Discount of $15/hr
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do my unused hours roll over each month?

No. The reduced hourly rate is possible only because we can accurately predict the number of work hours needed to service our clients each month. Likewise, the buyer can more accurately budget for computer management and repair costs every month or even yearly. In most cases this can save thousands per year for a business. By outsourcing your office technology support, you save in employee overhead costs and insurance just for starters. In addition, if more time is needed for a month, you continue to pay the established lower rate you subscribed to.

2. How much DO you charge for unscheduled “after hours” work?

Anyone needing emergency after hours or holiday computer repair or support and does NOT have a subscription, will be charged at double the normal rate. Clients who DO have a subscription will be charged at normal rate + 50%.

3. Will you bill in half-hour increments?

Clients with a monthly computer support subscription will be billed in half-hour increments. Meaning, if you call for support, and it takes us anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes to resolve the problem you would be billed 0.5 hours. If it takes 31 to 60 minutes you will be billed 1 hour. Clients without a subscription will be billed 1 hour for any call lasting 1 – 60 minutes.

4. Do “after hours” calls or holiday calls cost extra?

It depends. If it’s scheduled down time, meaning, we have agreed ahead of time and scheduled an after hours / holiday repair or equipment upgrade then there are no addition costs and the time it takes is deducted from the hours purchased for the month. Or, if we are working on something remotely and time runs over past closing, no additional rates are charged.

5. What kind of I.T. work can you perform remotely?

About 75% of all computer maintenance and problem solving can be done remotely. Basically, if you have a working internet connection and can open a web page in your browser, we can get remote control and help with all kinds of computer problems. We can also use the telephone to walk you through how to check if the internet equipment is down or if there is some other cause of no internet. Some malware and viruses can be removed remotely, others can’t be. You can also use your subscription time for company website updates, or website marketing help.

6. How does your cancellation policy work?

Every client is extremely important to us. Please contact James Hall (founder) in person and let him know if you are unsatisfied with any of our work before you cancel. However, if unforeseeable circumstances are forcing you to close your account with us, we will honor any pre-paid time until it is all used for the month or the time expires.

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