Website Services

Website Services & Content Marketing in Ohio

Let us take the complication out of ranking your website and services.

When you love what you do, it’s easy to get good at it. And, the easier something is, the faster you can perform the tasks associated with it efficiently, and effectively. Don’t lose time and money trying build your own website! The internet is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, so let JADE Computer handle the perpetual website construction “learning curve” while you do what YOU do best.

Single page brochure websites start at $997.00 and go up from there depending on our clients needs for web hosting, number of web pages, competition and keyword research, website graphics, company logos, and consulting time. Some web services like this one and this one, take advantage of their clients lack of knowledge about the web to sell them cheap websites that seldom ever rank for anything.

Every business owner wants to rank #1 for their product or service, but only those that put the time, effort, and money into their websites will rank well and have a client generating machine. You CAN do this yourself and significantly decrease development costs with an investment of about 1000 reading hours, or you can pay us for our time and expertise to build your web presence for you. Either way, there is no solution that is “FREE” or “Cheap” that works.

The services listed below are only a partial list due to the secret (but ethical) nature of some methods and services we use to boost your website ranking. For more information just call us @ (330) 332-7984 or use our contact page.

**NOTE: We reserve the right to decline new website clients that are in the same business vertical as another client who already holds a support subscription with us. It would be unethical to build competing web sites for 2 or more clients in the same business that all want to rank #1. Give us a call at the number above to see if we are available for work in your business category.

Internet Strategy Planning

Every solution we offer for site improvement or development comes from a place of tested strategies. From local website design to internet marketing and advertising, it’s our goal to deliver a project that is both successful and cost-effective.

  • Design Strategy for Direction
  • Business Branding Recognition
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Off-site Content Strategy
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Internet Advertising

Website Design

We create professional website designs and custom e-commerce website designs that span from simple to complex depending on our clients requirements. When techy people talk about “website design” they are referring to the the layout of the website, in relation to the ease-of-use. Making a website complicated and hard to navigate is easy. It’s much harder to build a website that has a semantic, and logical layout of the information being presented, which makes it easy to use.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Shopping Cart Websites (e-commerce)
  • Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

A good CMS or Content Management System allows every day computer users to edit their website pages as easily as they would write and send an email. There are many content management systems available on the market today, some free and some with recurring licensing fees. At JADE Computer we prefer the popular and FREE website content manager called WordPress.

  • Simplified Web Page Creation
  • Complete User Management Abilities
  • Media File Management (images, videos, pdf’s)
  • FREE Content Management Systems
    • WordPress
    • Joomla!
    • Drupal

E-commerce Website Storefronts

Although there are many platforms a person can choose from when setting up their website, we prefer to use WordPress which is what over 25% of the entire internet is built on. Because of this, the code is maintained at a very high level (harder to hack), and the large number of users mean there’s a huge market for 3rd party vendors to build and extend WordPress in incredible ways.

  • Website Store Design & Development
  • Secure Shopping Carts
  • Web Store CMS
  • Inventory Management
  • National or International Shipping Options

Business Identity & Branding

A great logo is an excellent way to establish public recognition of your businesses brand. Most companies have a logo already, but if you don’t, or your existing logo feels a little dated, let us help you re-design it. This can be a great way to re-package your company and service offerings. It can be hard to stand out in today’s crowded business marketplace.

  • Custom Logo Designs
  • Scalable Vector Logos
  • Multi-color Options
  • Multiple Free Revisions (1 month)
  • 1-2 Weeks Delivery Time

Marketing Your Business Online

At JADE Computer Services, we take an individualized approach to our client’s needs and business goals. This includes ethical, tested SEO practices for small businesses that will deliver new leads. When utilizing a combination of our services such as Ohio SEO site design and paid search engine advertising (Google Adwords), we will also provide the website analytics software to help measure the success, traffic conversion, and customer value of each advertising campaign that is deployed.

  • Ad & Banner Development
  • Paid Search Engine Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Print Media Advertising
  • And more …

Business Website Hosting Solutions

There seems to be a lot of confusion around website hosting in Ohio. Customers often ask what the difference is between $5/month or $10/month hosting plans and FREE web hosting services. The main difference is that one forces you to run their ads, and the other is ad free because you pay every month but it too will lack required resources. The answer is that neither of those solutions are in fact, solutions. Build your web presence where you have what you need to succeed with room to grow;

  • Ad Free Hosting Accounts
  • Content Management Systems Ready
  • Fast MySQL Database Servers
  • Unlimited pages and visitors
  • Company Email with Spam Filters
  • cPanel Server Manager
  • Starting @ $24.99/month