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Why Web Design Matters

Website Design Services

When techy people talk about “website design” they are referring to the the layout of the website, in relation to the ease-of-use.

Making a website complicated and hard to navigate is easy.

It’s much harder to build a website that has a semantic, and logical layout of the information being presented, that makes it easy for your customers to use and find what they are looking for quickly.

When your website is properly organized it’s a positive reflection on your whole business. And, an easy to use website makes your business appear to be easier to work with as well.

With the use of phone-books rapidly declining, it’s becoming more important for business owners to have their information sprinkled all over the web, but their websites are where their clients get their first impression of a company.

In today’s online marketplace, over 50% of all visitors every month to a website are coming in on cellphones.

This means that your website needs to be able to scale up or down to nearly any size and still look good. Failing to design for mobile devices is a serious miscalculation.

Every web design needs to work well on any internet connected device – this is no small feat.

Our website designs are built with the user experience at the forefront of every layout. Pages should be organized and grouped, with relevant information surrounding core information so users can quickly funnel in to exactly what they need.

In addition, the code under-the-hood of your website should be clean and as minimal as possible. Bad coding practices can severely hurt your overall web rankings even when you have great content.

Finally, all designs can be improved upon. This is why we offer the ability to build A – B versions of every page, then split test them evenly across all visitors to find which pages get the best viewer response or most sales.

The loser gets deleted and we try to make an even better page and test it against the winner from round one. Refinement is key to rapid web growth.

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