Strategy, Planning, & Monitoring

Getting Ahead of Your Competition

web competitor strategy

With the internet growing at a staggering pace, you need to know what your competition is doing and how they’re doing it if they are currently ranking higher than your business is.

There are ways to discover how your competition is getting business online, how they run their advertising campaigns, what keywords they are targeting, and what websites they are getting backlinks from. By analyzing their methods, we can push past them.

Split testing pages and advertisements is the best way to discover how your clients are searching for your product or service.

By using analytical software tools, we can monitor visitor interests, what they click on most often, and identify trends in what your customers want more of.

You will discover what pages on your site are popular, what time of day these customers visit, how long they stay, if they were likely male or female, and what approx age they are.

All of this data can be used to target more directly for a dramatic increase in sales and interest.

Once your website becomes a leader in the search engines for your local business area or niche, it is important to continue to monitor your website traffic and rankings to ensure they don’t slip as your competitors try to take back their position in the search engines.

We can help you accomplish this, and send you monthly reports on the parts you want to keep an eye-on.